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Law school got in the way :( Merry Christmas love!

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Posting this for a friend

Hi kids! Sorry for the hiatus, we’ll be back soon. Still accepting submissions though!

Anyway, a friend asked me a favor and have this posted here. Please feel free to reblog/share or give what you can. 

Our Story & Impact

The name ‘Briggy Hall’ was derived from the Filipino word barangay, which means a small community. The concept builds on the Filipino value of bayanihan, referring to the spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. Launched last November 25, 2011, Briggy Hall is a community-based social business model that helps start up food entrepreneurs launch their passions by providing them with a 5-point promise of Booth, Buddies, Brains, Biz and Buck:

• Booth: Stall space in the community cafe at a friendly rental rate.
• Buddies: Foot traffic of food enthusiasts to support new food ideas.
• Brains: Educational videos and seminars featuring successful Filipino food entrepreneurs.
• Biz: Business support such as special startup rates from suppliers.
• Buck: Revolving fund to be loaned to aspiring entrepreneurs in the marginalized sector.

The brainchild of the corporate social responsibility advocate Ivanna Aguiling, the 100-square-metre food hall serves as an incubation space for budding food entrepreneurs to test their scrumptious creations. Briggy Hall aims to help launch 48 food businesses every year with the belief that creating more businesses can help increase a family’s income and provide more employment opportunities.

Since its inception, Briggy Hall has helped launch 5 businesses in the market, which includes Milky and Sunny, Sarap 88, Eleanor’s Kitchen, Tokwa’t Boboy, FILI (Food from Home) and Chuck’s Wagon. The food haven in East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City is also home to Filipino made organic products like muscovado sugar, golden egg (organic version of salted egg, coloured with ginger), shade-grown coffee and cacao (a dark chocolate).

Briggy Hall is not just about satisfying the hungry tummy; it is about providing micro-enterprise opportunities for the marginalized sector.

What Briggy Needs

We at Briggy Hall need support to reach our goals of helping and providing opportunities for startup entrepreneurs. We need funds to deliver our 5-point promise of providing booths (store space), buddies (marketing for highest food traffic), brains (educational videos and seminars), biz (closing partnership deals for startup entreps) and buck (revolving fund for startup entreps in the marginalized sector).

Thus, we would like to ask for your help as we raise $2,200 in 45 days. Your contributions will be part of a greater investment that aims to promote entrepreneurship as a means of livelihood for those in the lower socio-economic classes. With a minimum donation of $10, even YOU can help fuel someone’s dream of creating good, delicious and quality food.

Other Ways to Help

Monetary contributions will be a great help for Briggy Hall to continually fulfill its mission in encouraging Filipinos to start their own business. Briggy Hall serves as an avenue for the formation of community of small-medium enterprises. Each dollar will truly go a long way. But aside from taking part in raising funds, one may also help us with our cause by:

1. Liking Briggy Hall’s official Facebook page ( and visiting our other social network sites.
2. Sharing the advocacy with your family and friends through word-of-mouth and social networks. 
3. Writing an article or blogging about Briggy Hall and its mission of helping local food entrepreneurs.
4. Referring individuals and companies who can sponsor Briggy Hall events and provide support for our micro-enterprises.
5. Visiting Briggy Hall at East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo with your friends and families to get a taste of our delicious homegrown offerings.

If you want to get further involved, you may send your name, e-mail and number to!