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peenick-deactivated20120428 asked: I just started a new blog! would be awesome if I could get a shout out! (: love inappropriate!peeta

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giraffescanflytoo-deactivated20 asked: If Finnick is Aquaman does that make Annie the little mermaid

Nah, not crazy enough. King Triton should totes cross dress though and he could be Mags.

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chasertiff asked: you like comic books? way cool. I def always pictured aquaman as finnick when reading the hunger games.... i guess i like aquaman more than the average comic reader probably should lol

Because Finnick IS Aquaman

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batmanandbooks asked: Call me cray cray, but what do you think about Hutch Dano (Zeke from Zeke and Luther) for Finnick? He's relatively unknown at this point, and I like the idea of a not-so-popular face joining the franchise!

Checked his wiki, might be atad too young for Finnick. AQUAMAN ALL THE WAY!

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ineffabletwaddle asked: Hello fellow Blue Eagle!This blog= ASTEEG! (●´∀`)ノ♡

Hey. An alumna, actually. I graduated last 2010. :)

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terdlife asked: do you have a list of who you want to play Finnick? I keep seeing all these people wanting Grant Gustin.. i legit can't make up my mind. also this is fantastic and i commend you greatly

well, @alllons-y (one of the mods here) wants Garret Hedlund, I think. I’m not sure who I want to play Finnick, but I trust the production people to pick the right guy like they did with the awesome cast of the first film.

edit: kinda imagining Finnick to have Max Irons’ face. IDK. it has something to do with being Jeremy Irons’ son :))