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howmanytimeswilltheclockgoaround asked: Ya know the thing that had all the Advice Peeta's and said "The wonderful Advice Peeta"? I made that a while ago, I saw it on here and started fangirling/spazzing. Thank you for making my day awesome :D

that image made my day too :))

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cavescenekisses asked: hey we're a new blog, strictly hunger games and j hutch! would you mind giving us a shout out? it'd really help us out, thanks!

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thelethallovers asked: The balls of steel meme can be thought of in an odd way.... just look at it through the eyes of a pervert.

double entendres are part of the internet, buddy

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thirharry asked: Uhh I just really had to tell you that the website memestache is using advice Peeta. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Yeah, aware of that. But everyone knows that this tumblr is the orignal source of the meme. The entry for Advice Peeta on KnowYourMeme points out that the first meme was posted on April 22, and that’s correct. This blog was made on my birthday eve, and the original template PSD has the time stamp to verify it. A meme is a meme is a meme and if it goes viral and becomes appropriated by others, it’s perfectly normal. It’s another thing when someone claims ownership to the idea. That’s when all hell will break loose. :))