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4 Things The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About the War on Women

The romantic subplot of The Hunger Games can make it seem like a Twilight clone: a young woman torn between two men who are driven to protect her, yet can’t seem to help endangering her. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find that heroine Katniss is quite the opposite of pallid, passive, lovesick Bella, and she’s got a lot to teach us about the current culture wars. In fact, it’s hard not to think of President Snow’s creepy obsession with controlling Katniss’ love life without being reminded of the Republican Party’s similar fixation on controlling our ladyparts. When Katniss manages to destabilize and ultimately upend a government hell-bent on manipulating her to its nefarious ends, she offers a blueprint for how to not only survive, but win, the war on women.

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Speaking of hipster things…here’s a mixtape from my personal tumblr.


So I’ve just finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy, a book series that’s immensely popular right now which I didn’t expect to like at first; call me a skeptic but after Twilight, I have been very doubtful over popular young adult fiction franchises. Suzanne Collins’ work has been a refreshing read after a long time of not touching a work of fiction. The compelling premise drew me in and the complex character development kept me hooked.

I’m aware of the growing fanbase and homages to go with it, especially now that a lot of buzz is generated about its film adaptation. Hence, I decided to make one of my own. It feels nice to be a “fan” of something again and just make silly tributes to a work that has left a mark which I’m sure will stay for quite a while. Entitled Strange Things Did Happen Here from one of the lines of “The Hanging Tree”, this mixtape sort of renders a chronological exploration of the sweeping events in Panem and, at the same time, the most intimate psyche of the characters.

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